Staff and Credits

Project Staff

Cornelia Brunner, principal investigator and lead instructional designer
Katie Culp, co-principal investigator and research team leader
Wendy Martin, research scientist and project manager
Jeffrey Nelson, senior writer and producer
John Parris, senior designer and producer
Marian Pasquale,senior science curriculum developer
Ashley Lewis-Presser, senior research associate and methodologist
Marion Goldstein, researcher
Alice Anderson, researcher
Peggy Clements, senior research scientist
Jay Bachhuber, researcher
Naomi Hupert, senior research associate
Terri Meade, senior research associate
Loulou Bangura Momoh, researcher
Martha Davis, science curriculum developer
Bronwyn Taggart, managing editor and communications manager
Jim Diamond, researcher
Chad Fasca, editor/writer
Nia Gordon
Shelley Pasnik, Director of Center for Children and Technology
Angela Pazzaglia
Elizabeth Pierson, researcher
Tim Reitzes, research and production assistant
Bindu Sunil, science curriculum developer
Eve Townsend, researcher
Ada Uruchima, administrative assistant

Advisory Board

Donna E. Alvermann
Language and Literacy Education
University of Georgia

Dorothy Bennett
New York Hall of Science

Gregory Borman
City College of New York

Rosemarie Buzzeo
Fieldston Lower School

Mary Flanagan
Department of Film and Media Studies
Dartmouth College

Samuel Y. Gibbon Jr.
Writer, Producer, Media Designer

Yasmin B. Kafai
Graduate School of Education
University of Pennsylvania

Sherry King
Pearson System of Courses, Pearson, Plc

Deanna Kuhn
Teachers College
Columbia University

Sandra Mayrand
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Scot Osterweil
The Education Arcade
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Katie Salen
Institute of Play and DePaul University

Alex Quinn