Links & Resources

Other groups doing innovative, high-quality research and development work on games for learning

CATS Center at UCLA
The CATS group also was funded by IES as a National Research and Development Center on Instructional Technology. Their website shares information about their work, which focused on mathematics learning games.

The Institute of Play
The Institute of Play works with schools to develop game-based approaches to learning that increase student motivation and persistence.

GlassLab is a collaboration among the Institute of Play, Electronic Arts, the Entertainment Software Association, Educational Testing Service, and Pearson. Their work focuses on games as environments for assessment of learning.

Education Arcade at MIT
The Education Arcade develops new digital games and conducts research to support learning and fun in both formal and informal settings.

Games+Learning+Society at the University of Wisconsin, Madison
GLS is a research and development center, as well as the host of a major annual conference on games and learning.

Game Innovation Lab at the University of Southern California
Developers at the Game Innovation Lab explore new approaches to game design across a wide range of contexts, including education.

Filament Games
Filament Games is a commercial game company that has created a number of popular, highly-regarded games for learning.

Learning Games Network
The Learning Games Network is a hub that seeks to support and advance the work of researchers and developers working on games to support learning.

Places to look for high-quality (often—but not always—free) games
PBS Kids Science Game Center
MinecraftEdu TeacherGaming
TeachWithPortals Ko’s Journey

Sources for key research that informed Possible Worlds

The Awesomely Adaptive and Advanced (AAA) Learning and Behavior Lab at Stanford University, headed by Dr. Dan Schwartz

The University of Chicago Learning Lab Dr. Lindsay Richland

The UCLA Reasoning Lab Dr. Keith Holyoak

Dr. Deanna Kuhn Professor of Psychology and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

Dr. Dedre Gentner Professor, Cognitive Science Program, Northwestern University

Our partners and funders

1st Playable Productions, LLC Possible Worlds DS and Flash game design and production

Flickerlab Animation Studios, animation for the What is it About Games? section of this site

Possible Worlds was supported by the Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education