Digital Game: Monster Music

Monster Music is a 20-level platformer/puzzler that addresses the misconception that electricity is a substance that flows
like water, rather than a type of energy. The game is set in Harmonia, whose odd but industrious citizens love music above all else. So when an alien
invader de-energizes the population, Harmonia’s leading musician decides to create new compositions that will combat the widespread lethargy.

As the Maestro’s apprentice, the player must get an unruly group of musicians to create beautiful music together. That requires completing puzzles in which the player aligns the hyperactive monsters in a way that causes music, rather than cacophony, to emerge. These alignment puzzles serve as an analogy for the arrangement of electrons that allows electrical energy to travel through wires. Once the music is recorded, the player races through Harmonia to deliver a disc of energizing music to the exhausted citizens. Revived, they return to their labors, a testament to the effect energy (sound, in this case) can have on matter.