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The game can help...

During gameplay, students will notice that the robot has to extract energy from the glucose by reacting it with oxygen in the air. The robot needs to extract this energy, from time to time, regardless of where he is or what he is doing. This is very much like the process of cellular respiration that occurs in plants—and all other organisms—at all times, and does not need light energy to occur.

Photosynthesis Slideshow

Slides 16–20 describe the process of respiration, that it is the process of reacting glucose with oxygen to produce water and carbon dioxide with the release of energy. The slides explain that it is the opposite of photosynthesis, and that plants perform respiration all the time.

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What the Textbooks Say

Generally, a page or two of text is devoted to explaining how respiration produces energy from glucose: Energy is released when glucose combines with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water, and is used to perform all the plant’s cellular functions. Some textbooks add that respiration occurs in all cells all the time, but when this is not explicitly stated students may develop the mistaken idea that respiration does not occur during daylight. Other misconceptions may be that respiration is the production of glucose, or that respiration occurs only in the plant’s roots. (The latter misconception is not addressed in the game.)

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